XSD minOccurs Specified And The XmlSerializer

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In your XSD schema definitions, the minOccurs has a subtle nuance through a leaky abstraction. Getting right to the point: Let’s take an element definition such as: Now when you create your default classes using the xsd.exe tool, you will end up with a class having a property OptString. Neat, since in code, you can… Read more »

Sort, BinarySearch and Anonymous Delegates

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Generics has undoubtedly made life a lot easier in the world of 1s and 0s and so this code snippet will only deal with the generics version since the code reads a lot easier. This is also a great bookmark post for future reference… This shouldn’t bother you too much, we just got Foo. Nice…. Read more »

Investing in the Learning Curve

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We have a concept of what the learning curve represents, and unfortunately, the same thing can represent 2 opposite concepts. What makes more sense to me is looking at a learning curve from a classical labour cost perspective and more keenly towards labour productivity. In this sense, the learning curve is interpreted, broadly, as: the… Read more »

SharpDevelop + Monorail

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Monorail rocks, but getting going in #Develop can be cumbersome in that you need to create a lot of placeholders. Fortunately, you can create a template which you can drop into your data/templates/project/CSharp sub-path of your #develop installation for example: C:\Program Files\SharpDevelop\2.2\data\templates\project\CSharp Using this template, you can now Create a “MonoRails” web project Have it… Read more »

Recycled Software

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What’s up with everything being ported to .NET? There’s nothing more boring than copying somebody else’s idea, unless of course, your own ideas are pretty crap And (sup)porting a dozen applications to be used with the .NET framework surely cannot be considered as innovative either- it’s real name is “market strategy”. I must confess though,… Read more »

Preserving the Stacktrace

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Exception handling is important enough to get right. And there’s plenty of sample code out there to help you get it right, nonetheless, i come across two major variations: catch (Exception ex) { throw; } and catch (Exception ex) { throw ex; } There’s more about catching general Exception but that’s beyond the scope of… Read more »

DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator Gotcha

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, but this was super unpleasant to uncover. I’ve got a website up ‘n running and wanted to add a webservice to it, aight? Wizards make the job easy so here i go: “Add > New item > Asp.Net > Web Service > Ok” Programming has never been so easy… Navigate to webservice… Read more »


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Not gonna lie- it wasn’t altogether _that_ intuitive to begin with. Appenders, logging levels, loggers and a whole bunch of different configuration going on: it wasn’t just working. But, i thought to myself: many others are happy with it so it must be worth the initial pain. Of course, in a world of instant gratification… Read more »

New Territory

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for a .net “junkie”, migrating technology skills can be quite daunting- well, that is for me at least. after too long a delay, i finally decided to start shifting some of my stuff across to Linux. i like the community drive behind Ubuntu and so… here i am. I guess there are lots of reasons… Read more »

WT? #2

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This was a commercial online system- tried to make a reservation and…