Property Investment Dogma and Karma

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“dogma”: noun, a principle laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. Also, a weird movie with which we’re not concerned. “Investment”: also a noun, the process of investing money for profit. Property; well we all know that one and karma is that thing which bites us in the ass. Snap. So let’s take a… Read more »

Not All Divisions Are Equal

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If you don’t need to pay attention to a particular detail every day, it can sneakily bite you in the derriere. Division is one of N culprits floating around the programmer’s haven. And this little guy thrives on C# .NET code. Let’s take something simple like You’re expecting something similar to a “can’t divide by… Read more »

Jospehus Interactive

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If you’re into math puzzles, you have probably come across the Josephus Problem at some point or another. If you enjoyed testing your ability at finding the right spot, there’s an interactive version (the theme slightly mangled with creative licence). Enjoy!

To The Power Of, by hand

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I’ve often needed to create a power function, as in 2^3 or more commonly Math.pow(2,3) = 8. However, sometimes, the Math.pow() doesn’t exist and the operator ^ is reserved for other useful functions or not recognised at all. In times like that, you need to hand roll- so here’s a good link to keep bookmarked.

Playground Update

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The playground has got a new update: stats-related. We covered the sections where you can uncover a bunch of numerical descriptions on a dataset, which is useful for a quick overall summary of the data. I’ve used this tool a couple of times myself preparing for exams and checking manual calculations (yes, sometimes i need… Read more »

Golden Section Search

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For me, implementing code really helps me to understand the algorithms (i need to know) better. It might sound a bit odd in that you might need to understand the algorithm before you can implement it. And that’s partially true. An understanding is definitely required. But, with TDD and iterative processes ingrained, discovery of what… Read more »

Refinancing Model

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While explaining Morty, I left with a parting shot: Be careful about consolidating your debt. And before I continue, i will make the disclaimer that I’m not a financial advisor, just a curious number cruncher. So not entirely satisfied about not giving an example, I’ve now had the time to consider the model more carefully… Read more »

Pizza And Maths

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Most of the time, when i talk about maths to anyone, i hear the same chat: Maths is hard You either get it or you don’t Maths is not for everyone Rather you than me Oooo. Maths. Eish. And so on… Well, maybe true but maybe not true at all. Regardless of how you feel… Read more »

Put It In the Bond?

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If you’re servicing a mortgage at the moment, and you happen to come into some money, the “best” advice you’re probably going to get is: “put it in your bond”. Not bad advice, i guess, but i’m not so sure it’s the “best”. **DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a financial advisor; am not pretending to be one;… Read more »

BSc. Year One

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Study unit Description Mark Result   APM113U APPLIED LINEAR ALGEBRA 91 Passed   MAT103N LINEAR ALGEBRA 75 Passed   MAT110M PRECALCULUS MATHEMATICS 68 Passed   MAT111N PRECALCULUS MATHEMATICS B 70 Passed   MAT112P CALCULUS A 59 Passed   MAT113Q CALCULUS B 58 Passed   STS1055 BASIC STATISTICS 56 Passed