Time Value of Money

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The most useful “fun” utility on the zaFin suite was the time value of money calculator which basically allows you to compare the value of money at different times. For example, how many times have you heard someone older than you mention the price of something way back when and then proceed to complain about… Read more »

ZaFin Genesis

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ZaFin is the finally born with the first feature arrived: PAYE. (Hey. It’s a start and a natural one at that given it’s history). Now, ZaFin is a long-term project and has been a goal to get going for a long time now. Essentially, it’s the place to post tools which help you reach numbers… Read more »

Refinancing Model

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While explaining Morty, I left with a parting shot: Be careful about consolidating your debt. And before I continue, i will make the disclaimer that I’m not a financial advisor, just a curious number cruncher. So not entirely satisfied about not giving an example, I’ve now had the time to consider the model more carefully… Read more »


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Morty is a pet project i been working on here and there which spills out an amortization schedule for you, based on your loan attributes. I’ve been incubating it at Heroku since it is quite a fascinating concept and tool. Their online console is pretty geeky but easy to use and deploying rails apps is… Read more »