XSD minOccurs Specified And The XmlSerializer

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In your XSD schema definitions, the minOccurs has a subtle nuance through a leaky abstraction. Getting right to the point: Let’s take an element definition such as: Now when you create your default classes using the xsd.exe tool, you will end up with a class having a property OptString. Neat, since in code, you can… Read more »

Sort, BinarySearch and Anonymous Delegates

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Generics has undoubtedly made life a lot easier in the world of 1s and 0s and so this code snippet will only deal with the generics version since the code reads a lot easier. This is also a great bookmark post for future reference… This shouldn’t bother you too much, we just got Foo. Nice…. Read more »

Investing in the Learning Curve

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We have a concept of what the learning curve represents, and unfortunately, the same thing can represent 2 opposite concepts. What makes more sense to me is looking at a learning curve from a classical labour cost perspective and more keenly towards labour productivity. In this sense, the learning curve is interpreted, broadly, as: the… Read more »


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Not gonna lie- it wasn’t altogether _that_ intuitive to begin with. Appenders, logging levels, loggers and a whole bunch of different configuration going on: it wasn’t just working. But, i thought to myself: many others are happy with it so it must be worth the initial pain. Of course, in a world of instant gratification… Read more »


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now where was this little gem when i needed it? a series of articles entitled: An Extensive Examination of Data Structures Using C# 2.0 there are 6 parts to this series, this link above will take you to “Part 5: From Trees to Graphs” [the part i’m interested in at the time of discovery :)]

Delegate Gotcha

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A while back i was trying to find a solution to the delegate gotcha and stumbled upon, even more recently, some answers to a lot of my questions… they trackback and link with each other at some point, but my entry point to this discussion was mostly through, in no specific order: Observable property pattern, memory… Read more »

FtpWebRequest Part II

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.. following on from the first one, the project has now been updated to include some work with the new BackgroundWorker component available in Net 2.0… 😀 Creating responsive UI’s on lengthy processes has never been so easy! including source code


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After looking for a trim Ftp client library for .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0 releases with FtpWebRequest. I completely missed this one in the search to find *something*. After hacking around with it for a very short while, it proved to be by far the easist “library” to integrate with… the fruits of that freely available… Read more »