Marking Time

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Jessie turned 6 months today. In the bigger scheme of things, it might not be all that significant; for “new-born parents” 😉 it’s quite a milestone! But beyond reaching milestones, without actually even reaching/trying, it occurred to me today that there’s nothing we can do to recapture/relive these last 6 months. They’re gone. Whatever joys… Read more »

Jessie, aka Beanie

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the miracle of growing is something else! watching Jessie grow is just, well, yeah.. wow. i could wax a compendium of lyrics and still not get close. just everything about discovery: from being fascinated by your own feet to the discovery of laughter and expression. quite something else actually. so far removed from the rat-race… Read more »

Hello, Baby J

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the most anticipated birth of the century… 😀 She’s adorable, she’s gorgeous… she’s everything i thought only more than everything i thought. And “My Wife”… wow! I am so proud of her. For nine months she worked so hard at making sure Jessie would come out just perfect and right to the end, she… Read more »

Everybody’s Guessing :)

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Who’s gonna get it right? We got takers spanning anywhere within 3 weeks and almost a 50/50 whether J is a girl or a boy. This is sooo much more fun than getting the sex confirmed and booking a caesarian 😀


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ok, so i’m watching this little clip and thinking to myself… # speechless# how anyone on earth can believe that LIFE came together **randomly** … from a chimp and before that, whatever. Way too much dope.

J Yawns

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from time to time, you hear stories from the baby’s scan like: “he waved at me” or “she smiled at me” or “J yawned” Now for those who are not present at a scan, you probably think… yeah yeah. Emotional parents just reading into things… well, maybe- but see for yourself.

Baby J 16.5 weeks

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Bouncing along, BabyJ is growing nicely. Heartbeat strong, functional belly and long! Currently the size of a 18week “baby” at only 16.5 weeks, we’re wondering if BabyJ is taking after uncles King & S-Poodle And a close-up on BabyJ’s face…