Pink Tickets

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“To be permitted by your spouse to indulge in such activities that are normally banned in her absence” Hah-roomphf. And so begins the battle for time and permission by The Spouse to be allowed to do things without him or her. Oh, the games! Listen to enough conversations and you get a glimpse into a lifetime of… Read more »

The New Religion Called Diet

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Tele-evangelism like marketing leads the way with promises of a newfound you. These are backed up by powerful testimonies and anecdotal science (before and after photos). There’s also a strong altar call afterwards (buy these products, be they books or supplements) to all those wishing to change and converts go out into the world heralding… Read more »

Do Patriots Love Their Country?

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Patriot, a noun. A cursory look through some formal definitions reveals: * A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. * one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests. And the rest are similar. Essentially, there are 3 parts in that which are… Read more »

Getting In The Way

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2013 and almost a decade has passed since I embraced agile development practices. Along the way, some of the fluff got dropped, some of it became lifestyle, some of it evolved into something better. “We” went through a lot. And those that made the decision back then to abandon established practices and try something new… Read more »

Be Less Do More

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In general, we have a obsession with the idea of “being something”. We start off young, being asked as kids: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That same question is ingrained throughout our growing years, and becomes super important during high school. We make life choices based on what we want… Read more »

Violent Young Men

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For some time, I’ve been meditating on the source of authority. From organic social groups to governments, what mechanism propels an authority into being respected? And even more abundantly, how do “gurus” achieve their status despite having any official certificate? And for those who do have something “official” (read bureaucratic) what mechanism gives the institution… Read more »

Getting out of bed

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On my way to go paddle this morning, I stopped at a red traffic light. It was still dark out, a shade after 5:30AM and only the intermittent cars and buildings were glowing. In the shadows of the black, was a lone man; a vagrant. Blind. He was sitting softly at the light, clutching his… Read more »

Nothing Wrong With The Government

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In every age and civilisation, when men didn’t agree with the status quo, they teamed up. They plotted and planned (illegally if they had to) and put into action, a labour of passion that would change the way things are. Sometimes, they would rewrite history. They were men of conviction and action. So, yes, it’s… Read more »

Betrayed in Prayer

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Our prayers can betray us through the language we often use, or perhaps, default on. Sometimes it might just be a habit we’ve adopted without thinking about- and with all sincerity, we think it’s ok. But let’s unpack an interaction between two close friends, Ben and John. Ben finds himself in the awkward position of… Read more »

Twitter Money

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Stumbled upon a funny chirp the other day; equating twitter fame with monopoly money. Chuckle. It’s true. Obviously, some would disagree quite strongly with that sentiment- probably the same ones with a lot of hotels on Eloff Street? Anyhow, shortly after that, Pussy Riot made headlines. Erm, ok. I ignored that (who on earth are… Read more »