BabyGroup Tech Journey

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So here’s a little behind-the-scenes on one of SA’s newest e-commerce shops, BabyGroup. This has been a really great project to be involved with so it’s nice to be able to share a little on the journey. It’s also one of the few that are not “top-secret” so I can actually share some detail on… Read more »

Opensource is not Free

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Opensource, love it or hate it, has a definite place in our software ecosystem. I use opensource all the time, and i put a lot of projects up on opensource too. I don’t have any issue with it at all, on the contrary, opensource, by-and-large, has helped shape me as a developer. So, for the… Read more »

Tech And The Art of Ninja

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There’s a lot of folk that like to call themselves ninjas out there- and it’s just plain wrong. Now unless you’re familiar with the Togakure-ryĆ« then you probably need to rethink your strategy a little… Ok, so you don’t mean that you’re actually a -real- ninja, like, a real ass-kicking ninjutsu warrior with highly developed… Read more »

Brand Invasion

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Online social spaces are a quagmire. While they were primarily created for people to engage and share ideas, the prevailing subtext is less noble. You can start a revolution, join a collaboration or just be human inside that virtual world- with real-world effects, or you can spend waste hours watching fake videos. Hello, brand invasion…. Read more »

Vehicle Finance And Balloon Payments

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It’s a popular way to sell vehicles these days; the balloon payment. The sales and marketing will tell you that it brings down your monthly installments and at the end of the finance term, the dealer will buy back your car to cover that balloon payment (guaranteed, terms and conditions apply) or you just refinance/settle… Read more »

Property Investment Dogma and Karma

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“dogma”: noun, a principle laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. Also, a weird movie with which we’re not concerned. “Investment”: also a noun, the process of investing money for profit. Property; well we all know that one and karma is that thing which bites us in the ass. Snap. So let’s take a… Read more »

Managing A Systems Upgrade

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Over the years in which I’ve been involved with IT as a software developer, I’ve been on all sides of a major systems upgrade. As developer, I’ve written systems that were the upgrade for a system being phased out; had to support plug-ins that integrate with the newly upgraded systems; assisted in rolling out upgrades…. Read more »

How to Write A Job Spec

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So your company is looking to hire (again). The (dis?)advantage to the online space is that you don’t have to write an ad (carefully and though-provokingly) that needs to be circulated in print. However, it’s only an advantage if it translates into an opportunity to be as creative as need be (pictures! videos! woohoo). Sadly… Read more »

Saffer Startups

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I guess a lot of folk don’t realise just how many creative and energetic startups are born in South Africa (there’s a lot in that for another story some day, bit not today) and one of the more recent ones is Aside from the energy these guys have been feeding off and into the… Read more »

Fanatical Idiocracy Froths Again

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Why? We spent a lot of money, time, energy dealing with an international body responsible for managing the game played with a round ball while they were in our country for the tournament where a whole bunch of international teams came and played against each other; they call it the “beautiful game” and it was… Read more »