BabyGroup Tech Journey

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So here’s a little behind-the-scenes on one of SA’s newest e-commerce shops, BabyGroup. This has been a really great project to be involved with so it’s nice to be able to share a little on the journey. It’s also one of the few that are not “top-secret” so I can actually share some detail on… Read more »

Get Out Jail Free

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Every once in a while, you get a randomly odd idea (thanks, @brentone80– like this one: DeadGranny. It might seem shallow, but not so actually. It was also relatively quick to code and more fun to play with. It actually solved a real-world problem too; which is a bonus. And soo… Ever get stuck in… Read more »

zaFinApp Update

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zaFinApp got some love this evening with an added feature to the loan calculations: residuals. As a result of the residual calculations, a simplified Future Value calculator was also added. Enjoy the updates and thank for all the suggestions over email. More coming when I get a chance! zaFinApp is available here. You can also… Read more »

EPIRB, A Personal Emergency Beacon

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GPS utilities for your phone are becoming pretty useful (and popular) so I’ve added my app into the mix- I hope you find it useful too. More than that, my wish is that it one day saves a life. Other than that, my hope is that it gives you peace of mind in a not-so-safe… Read more »