When It Does Work

There are too many reasons why I Love My Mac. And I’m not an Apple fanboy mind you. The iPhone? No way, hose. BlackBerry all the way otherwise, Android or bust. Noooo, the reasons I just simply love my Mac is because it just works (like the brochure says).

Took a new entry-level MacBookPro and swopped in a SSD. Whooaaa. Speed. Seriously. My SSD Rocks. The daunting problem was getting up and going again with all my applications, emails, developer configurations, blah, blah, blah…

Hello, Time Capsule. Hello, Migration Assistant. Hello, Joy. In less than an hour, I’ve got my “old” machine back, on a brand new harddrive, on a brand new spanking machine. And it just works!

I’m so happy right now

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