Programming For Dummies

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I (along with probably 1 000 000 other people) have found the self-help series of Dummies books quite amusing on different levels. As the saying goes, if I had a penny for every time “… for dummies” comes up in a situation joke… Now there are a number of dummies books covering a host of… Read more »

ADSL Upgrade

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There’s been a lot of excitement in the local ADSL market with prices getting better and better and now with the lines being upgraded to 10Mbps, things are getting even better. If you need to check wether your line is eligible for a 10Mbps upgrade, check here on Telkom. I once read the question that… Read more »

BlackBerry Security

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It’s not uncommon when moving across to the BlackBerry platform, to get a little confused or even frustrated. It’s a “who moved my cheese” series of moments because in reality, “we” tend to expect that BlackBerry will do things in exactly the same way as “our” previous handsets. And when it doesn’t, “we” might think… Read more »


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I’ve mentioned Heroku a couple times before in my posts and I mention them again today. I was impressed way back then when I started 2 years ago, and I’m further impressed today. I finally managed to get around to moving Morty from the now deprecated HerokuGarden onto the Heroku platform. And it was a… Read more »

(Again) Why Test?

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When whipping out the Josephus game, I used Jasmine to write the tests… er.. spec for anticipating the behaviour of the code. Among the many reasons I use a “test-driven methodology” (even in the smallest of projects) is that I like to (nay, NEED to) keep a close eye on the strategic direction of the… Read more »