Jospehus Interactive

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If you’re into math puzzles, you have probably come across the Josephus Problem at some point or another. If you enjoyed testing your ability at finding the right spot, there’s an interactive version (the theme slightly mangled with creative licence). Enjoy!

Javascript Jasmine

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If you know me (or have worked with me) then there’s one thing you’ll be quickly become aware of with regards my coding behaviour: tests. I love tests. More importantly, I love meaningful, passing tests that validate my sanity and check my logic in critical areas. And Javascript is no exception. I’ve run with jsUnit… Read more »

Healthy Desk Jockeys

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Because i code… and code… and code… then code some more (you get the point) i tend to spend a fair amount of time with my fingers on the keyboard, an open LCD monitor staring back at me and worlds of awesomeness (all disguised as code) swirling around me. And then every so once in… Read more »

Saffer Startups

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I guess a lot of folk don’t realise just how many creative and energetic startups are born in South Africa (there’s a lot in that for another story some day, bit not today) and one of the more recent ones is Aside from the energy these guys have been feeding off and into the… Read more »

Building For BlackBerry

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A suggestion for all budding (and current) BlackBerry developers out there. When you purchase your signing keys, be sure to NOT use your regular email address. Instead create an account like or to receive all the automated emails you get when signing. For example, on one project, I have a build process that… Read more »

Through The Magnifying Glass

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First off, thank to readers who gave me feedback on this site/blog. The single most important issue raised was readability: “Bryan, my eyes hurt. Please increase the font size.” Sorry. Being a pure techie-hacker, I get used to reading print so small (and hence writing) that it breaks every law in the how-to-improve-your-website-guide (pick one… Read more »

When It Doesn’t Work

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So, I’ve recently come into “loanership” of a brand new box for a specific project and it was loaded with my most favourite of favourite operating systems (not). Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition. Wow. After rolling that out my mouth, I have installed on it (stock standard next, i agree, next, next, finish) Microsoft… Read more »

bodyCircuit Goes Touch

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Having had a look at jQTouch, it was time to see what you can and cannot do with the framework. First guinea in line was the popular online >_bodyCircuit tool created for did you?. A screenshot is worth a thousand words so here are a thousand words: So this is what it looks like… Read more »

Fanatical Idiocracy Froths Again

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Why? We spent a lot of money, time, energy dealing with an international body responsible for managing the game played with a round ball while they were in our country for the tournament where a whole bunch of international teams came and played against each other; they call it the “beautiful game” and it was… Read more »

Safe Browsing

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I keep a log on my router to track network activity originating from within my firewall -a healthy dose of paranoia combined with the fact that there still is one virtual PC running Windows on my network. And so from time to time I check the logs, not so much the detail but the quantity…. Read more »