Time Value of Money

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The most useful “fun” utility on the zaFin suite was the time value of money calculator which basically allows you to compare the value of money at different times. For example, how many times have you heard someone older than you mention the price of something way back when and then proceed to complain about… Read more »

zaFin for BlackBerry

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At last, a version for the BlackBerry has been released and ready for general public consumption. Make some good decisions this year- based on numbers and data- not just emotional “got-to-have-x” or even more dangerous hype-based “woohoo-the-recession-is-over-we-can-spend-now” motivations. take the time to think it over a little… or use zaFin.

To The Power Of, by hand

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I’ve often needed to create a power function, as in 2^3 or more commonly Math.pow(2,3) = 8. However, sometimes, the Math.pow() doesn’t exist and the operator ^ is reserved for other useful functions or not recognised at all. In times like that, you need to hand roll- so here’s a good link to keep bookmarked.

Online JSON Parser

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A tres useful link for playing around with JSON parsing and data structures; a design tool if you like; the aptly titled Online JSON Parser. And a useful library for Java ME. In fact, at the bottom of the landing page for JSON.org, there’s a list of implementations for a host of languages.

The Next Round

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So it was an incredibly busy end-of-year (2009) with exams, lifesaving, BlackBerry and .NET projects and family life. And then the festive season came and went; New Year’s slipped by and now we’re this side of 2010 looking forward to another round of whatever may be. And right off the bat, tax season looms. Registration… Read more »