Target Market

Maybe the guys at Nokia have different ideas about concepts such as “target market”, “market segmentation” or “target audience”? Technocists? Really. This kind of thing should be outlawed. It’s the 21st century! But then again, the money votes always make the biggest difference. Bye, bye Nokia Music Store.

Looking for a photog?

If you live in Cape Town, and you need memorable photos… i mean, really memorable photos: the kind that every time you look at them you go “oooohhh”, “aaaahhh”, “wooooow”. And you can’t stop grinning and you actually get *emotional* (in a warm fuzzy kind of way) just pouring over the memories ‘cos they’re captured […]

Get Ubuntu

This is more of a shameless advertising plug than anything else- a departure from the usual theme of posts- but when you really like something, you can’t help yourself but just say *something* about it. That said… I’ve advocated Ubuntu for a while now since I took the leap myself away from the restrictive environment […]