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I’ve had to work a lot with MS over the last few days (partner programmes, OSs, servers, networking…) eish. Compared to Apple networking, it’s a beast- but that’s another topic for another day. So this morning I tapped on to the partner website…. For everything else, there’s MasterCard?


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The most exciting discovery of the day award goes to Sweepers. And the most straightforward “in the wild” dissection of it, goes to CodeLevy. Basically, and in my cases unrelated to caching (not unlike David Parker), i needed to observe my controller actions. Well, i needed to couple behaviour onto an existing process and observing… Read more »

Underneath The Radar

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No, this is not an attempt at trying to revive an 80’s hit. It’s just my status quo. Watching people, watching me sort of thing. And there’s plenty going on right now. (But it’s still a pretty funky song in it’s own way) In SA, we have an absolute mess of a political cam-pain *sic*;… Read more »