Pizza And Maths

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Most of the time, when i talk about maths to anyone, i hear the same chat: Maths is hard You either get it or you don’t Maths is not for everyone Rather you than me Oooo. Maths. Eish. And so on… Well, maybe true but maybe not true at all. Regardless of how you feel… Read more »

A New Language: Where To Start?

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When you learn a new speaking language (English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Afrikaans….) you generally find your course or program is broken down into scenarios. For example, mostly all books, audio or videos will have the topics: Greetings, At The Airport, Public Transport, At The Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant and so on. Essentially, everything you need to… Read more »

Classical, Functional or Prototypal?

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I have updated the maths playground on this site as part of an ongoing adoption and learning of new languages and in particular, programming approaches. The language itself is not really the issue when you’re tackling a task. In fact, learning a ‘programming language’ itself (the syntax that is) is a non-issue. What you do… Read more »