Ubuntu USB

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They have a saying with Ubuntu: “It Just works” and freak- it’s true, especially with the latest release 8.1 (Intrepid Ibex). My goal was to install Ubuntu Server edition on a machine that is really, _just_ a server. No shmancy graphics card, no CD-ROM.. wait. No CD-ROM!? How do you install server software onto a… Read more »

While The Politicians Dance

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At home (that’s SA, not USA; although….), the politicians continue their frenzy of politicking. It’s great for them, i guess. They get to spend all their (paid) time to do what they studied to do (and perhaps the only thing they know how to do?): launch political strategies, talk about each other, spend money, campaign;… Read more »

Pending Changes

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One of the great habits now ingrained into my being are doing diffs on code before committing a check in. It’s a great habit, and worth the extra quick 2 minutes. It’s also a great time to review your changes and get your head into the right space for your next move. Of course, having… Read more »