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UPDATE: 3 July 2008 Updated code to reflect more recent tax tables (2009) When I was asked to estimate PAYE on a gross monthly salary, i hauled out the calculator and started chipping away, according to the SARS Tax Tables. Not being a tax consultant or looking at various structured packages, the first stab is… Read more »


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Finally. It has arrived. After some time of deliberating, this once MS-only geek, turned and ran for the cover of open source operating systems; but not happy to just stay there, went one step further and has now immersed himself into the world of Mac Afterall, i was tired of hearing the debates all the… Read more »

Clamour of Petty Kings

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We have some serious issues facing our world today. Heck, in South Africa, the land of opportunity, we have more serious issues than we sometimes care to face up to. Tackling real issues is hard work. So, what’s the alternative? Stop the press! Houston, we have a problem! In fact, call Heather Brenner out of… Read more »


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That’s roughly equivalent to the sound of the resonating chord which struck me this morning. But today’s revolutionaries are sheep in wolves’ clothing. They’re lost in the economically meaningless, in the utterly trivial, in the strategically banal: mostly, they’re cutting deals with one another to…try and sell more ads. That is, when they’re not too… Read more »

Investing in the Learning Curve

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We have a concept of what the learning curve represents, and unfortunately, the same thing can represent 2 opposite concepts. What makes more sense to me is looking at a learning curve from a classical labour cost perspective and more keenly towards labour productivity. In this sense, the learning curve is interpreted, broadly, as: the… Read more »