Will it Scale?

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When Ruby/Rails is mentioned as a web development platform, the most common response is related to scalability and performance; usually with a liberal dash of skepticism. Fear, uncertainty and doubt, along with a couple of honest posts and reviews, all point to the perception that Rails has some sort of performance problem. 300 million page… Read more »

Lords of the Acronymn (or LOTA)

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While i was having my foot scratched and scraped clean by the on-duty doctor at the hospital, a colleague of his walks by and a quick “hallway discussion” ensues. What i overheard could have easily been mistaken for a geek conversation. More TLAs, FLAs and AIGs bubbled along than i could follow. We geeks have… Read more »

Open Source on Launchpad

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A synergistic moment if there ever was one. I love my OS. I don’t dislike my XP. It’s been good to me (and continues to be) but i *really* enjoy working on my ubuntu. And i’m still discovering things about it, which is half the fun right there. And as a result, i was introduced… Read more »