IT vs Business

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Who’s gonna win? Judging from the insights that are developing, not only within myself, but also from more prominent journalism, i would say business will eventually catch onto how IT’s supposed to be managed and augmented into adding value to the core focus of the business. Obviously, IT-centric business will be oh so slightly different…. Read more »

IT “Industry”

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I say “industry” but there’s no real regulation put in by the government (at least here) which keeps the industry in check. For one, it’s not illegal to provide IT services or build software without a licence, while in more established industries, it is illegal to, for example, provide medical, financial, engineering or manufacturing services… Read more »

BSc. Year One

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Study unit Description Mark Result   APM113U APPLIED LINEAR ALGEBRA 91 Passed   MAT103N LINEAR ALGEBRA 75 Passed   MAT110M PRECALCULUS MATHEMATICS 68 Passed   MAT111N PRECALCULUS MATHEMATICS B 70 Passed   MAT112P CALCULUS A 59 Passed   MAT113Q CALCULUS B 58 Passed   STS1055 BASIC STATISTICS 56 Passed

RIP Louis

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Goodbye, SuperLoo. You are sadly missed