Like A Simile

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We use similes and metaphors quite frequently, particularly in software. Everything is so figurative and you spend all day coming up with names for things that are “like” real world objects. Of course, that’s not counting those things which are not like anything else other than what they are in software. This is not about… Read more »

Jessie, aka Beanie

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the miracle of growing is something else! watching Jessie grow is just, well, yeah.. wow. i could wax a compendium of lyrics and still not get close. just everything about discovery: from being fascinated by your own feet to the discovery of laughter and expression. quite something else actually. so far removed from the rat-race… Read more »

Software is Hard

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You may have heard it before, and if you haven’t, you need to understand that. Besides all the technology and implementation caveats, competing frameworks and myriad and variety of business rules within the same vertical, there’s also the challenge of finding competent resources. Coding is the easy part. Almost anyone can do it, given enough… Read more »