An Agile Environment And Ergonomics

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A good working environment is essential to ensure productivity in any project, even more so in an agile environment where the pace can often be quite steady, without reaching burnout. A couple of tips… 1. A spacious desk. You can’t have too much clutter or you will get distracted. 2. A gym ball instead of… Read more »

Winter of Content

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This is why living in Cape Town (South Africa, actually) is sooo worth anything. We have these amazing indian-summer-meets-winter days.. oh yes. This is winter, folks. Hardly the Cape of Storms, although, don’t be fooled, we have our fair share and this year has been exceptional. But then there’s this… and then… and … ahhhhh

Rational Thinking

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there does seem to be a particular glory bestowed upon the “rational thinker”. we can certainly pride ourselves in it when, either by delusion, reality or way of compliment, we are attributed with the phrase “rational thinker”. and as such, we perpetuate the idea that there is something superior to the art/skill of rational thinking…. Read more »

Timing Trap

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It’s subtle, and easily overlooked. Server side calls in the domain layer are setting all sorts of properties on an object before pushing it over to the database for persistence. The database receives the object, persists and returns. The domain then requests an updated snapshot from the database (which may or may not include the… Read more »