Minimum Computing Power

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There is a lot of hype about computing power, technology and what we _really_ need to everyday compute. We find a similar push with cellphone technology too… but what exactly do you really need? I’ve just finished setting up Feisty… i am impressed. It really does just work. Out of curiousity, i ran a quick… Read more »

Importing Data into SQL Server 2005

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i must say i was quite surprised, in a negative kind of way, by the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition feature set. I took the leap and migrated databases from MSDE2000Sp4. All is well in the Express Management Studio and it ticks over for about 90% of the tasks i need to perform… but then… Read more »

Religious Fervour

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it is ironic that the only people Jesus ever fought with were the super-religious types. here were a bunch of people who really followed the details of the letter but completely missed the boat. i guess they favoured the process over the people. and Jesus rectified that, but He also never said to throw out… Read more »

It’s Never About The Process

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Ever. Yet it’s so very important at the same time. We drive processes quite hard, with good reason and positive intent. The process facilitates the change we desire and fosters an environment of learning with the goal of eliminating pain. Not a headache type pain (although it could be) but an organisational pain. And so… Read more »

Ubuntu Adventures

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So far, everything’s going well. Ubuntu Edgy [Feisty coming soon] is installed and updated. Wrapped my head around keeping my computer updated and how to manage it. Also, tried out Kubuntu, but opted for Gnome instead and installed Edubuntu on my wife’s machine [dual boot with XP Home]. And it’s got everything you need. Come… Read more »

How The Other Half Compute

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i’ve been a Windows junkie for a long time now. Made my living living, eating and breathing Windows. From ’98 to XP, and now Vista, i been using, coding, configuring, patching, coding [did i say that twice ;)] everything Microsoft. Funny though, my roots in computing go back to C, Borland nogal. Anyways, Microsoft-related work… Read more »

Battle of the Browser

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indeed, there is much ado about what when it comes to browser market share and it does seem that IE and Firefox dominate the limelight. Anyways, while they sort themselves out, i was prompted to give Opera a try. The result: pleasant. It’s light and responsive and, well, refreshing. No pun intended ¬†Overall, “neat” [to… Read more »


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i guess it’s pretty shocking to open up the “papers” after a lekker weekend of busy-rustig and read about Kenneth’s murder and then carry on with the day “as normal”. Not like i knew him personally, but met him briefly after one open water swim here in Cape Town in 2005. In my own words,… Read more »


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the “O” word popped up today and i can recall reacting rather negatively to the concept. having recognised my emotional response :), i’m trying to gather my thoughts so i can examine the role of overtime in a production environment with reasonable judgement. and in scanning through many articles, my reaction is more accurately against… Read more »