Purpose and Goals

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i think we can largely agree that having purpose adds dimension. wether it be a general purpose in life, purpose at work [studies] or purpose in a community, just understanding that purpose adds a sense of satisfaction otherwise unattainable. indeed, we can identify with a lack of purpose contributing to a general state of anxiety…. Read more »

The Carpet

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there are times in life when we see those we love hurting themselves. and true, it is just what we “think”. but we become convinced in our thinking that the course of action that they are pursuing is not a fruitful one. on the contrary, by all accounts it will be quite a painful end…. Read more »

If we really believed

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something i read somewhere, not so long ago, went along the lines of: “…every man is immortal until they die.” It got me thinking about how we generally tend to regard ourselves as invincible. then not so long after that, i came across this piece of graffiti: “…if you really believed that you were going… Read more »

Perception of Control

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one of the biggest challenges facing any lead position [particularly in an agile domain, but not solely within that domain] is wrestling for control. the processes, frameworks, tools and values are established in order that some kind of control may be exerted over the chaos. and in a position where you are required to lead, you are… Read more »