WT? #3

So, just when i thought i had seen it all… this is the REQUEST, as captured by Fiddler. Yes, you read that right… the SWF builds the request and sends it through to the web server; in plain text. (i’ve modified the actual contents of the SQL, naturally) POST /flashsql.php?id=106 HTTP/1.1 = QUERYSTRING ====  id=106 […]

WT? #1

This last year, we have uncovered numerous websites with some severe flaws. And sometimes there are fairly _large_ websites where you’d think they’d have more professional skill available to avoid the kind of things we end up seeing… And i don’t think ca$h (lack of) is the issue- in fact, i supect that sometimes there is […]

Settling In

it’s taking some time longer than expected… moving the blogs across, that is… but coming along. Changing templates has been tricky, for one, since the choices are _many_ 🙂 but finally settled something that works for me… The other was getting used to MySql and php and then running sandboxes for WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and […]


‘If’ denotes a condition for an event, and that condition must render true before the associated event can be raised. Life abounds with situations where ‘if’ plays an important role in determining what gets done. Walking with Jesus is no different. One of the first recorded ‘ifs’ is an encounter between God and Cain. Cain […]


now where was this little gem when i needed it? 🙂 a series of articles entitled: An Extensive Examination of Data Structures Using C# 2.0 there are 6 parts to this series, this link above will take you to “Part 5: From Trees to Graphs” [the part i’m interested in at the time of discovery […]

Night Surfing

noooo, not the web kind of surfing… the Aloha-Hawaii-Dude!-style of surfing… at night! it was a super day, saturday. started off with a wedding in the morning [wooohooo, Mr & Mrs Couvaras! 😀 ] and then settled into an evening braai at A+L. Great dinner, fantastic pudding followed off with a warm cuppa coffee. Just […]