Simplest Thing

An *agile-biased* blog would just not be complete with at least *one* article on TheSimplestThing… so here goes: I has occurred to me [and no doubt, countless others] that after all that has been said about TheSimplestThing; there is no simple definition. The irony does not escape my sometimes blindingly slow wit, but simply put, […]

Seduction of Reduction

There are many definitions for reductionism but the most fitting here is…complex systems can be completely understood in terms of their components…the analysis of complex things into simpler constituents Aaahh… this is the stuff of programmers. Give us any complex problem and we can quickly break it down into simpler consituents and provide a solution. […]

Crime Expo

[Ammended: 9:15pm] Crime Expo South Africa is attracting a fair amount of attention of late. With good reason. South Africa relies on tourism and foreign investment for growth, notwithstanding 2010, when we have the honour of hosting the greatest game on earth 🙂 But how long can we pretend that all’s well when there’s serious […]