Agile Relationships

The XP Coach label often gets thrown in with some other descriptive titles like facilitator, mentor, team lead, trainer in order to paint a picture about what the role entails. A big picture indeed, but not all coaches can/will fit all attributed descriptions since each is quite different, particularly mentor. A mentorship … is a […]

Design Rules

li#font {font-color: #000000} Obscurely labelled as the The Zen of Python (by Tim Peters) offers some lighthearted pragmatism and welcome relief in the face of TheCheeseMovement. Beautiful is better than ugly Explicit is better than implicit Simple is better than complex Complex is better than complicated Flat is better than nested Sparse is better than […]

Code Publishing

Being a subscriber [either by email or RSS] to various sites, i get a plethora of handy hints each morning which i archive, either physically or mentally- depending on the juiciness of the hint. Over time, i have noticed that the number of code samples being published daily is increasing. Some are new, some not. […]

Not Responsible

Experience with service providers over the years has taught me one thing and that is that they all share the same common philosophy:“We are not responsible for the service we provide you”Telkom, the South African telecommunications monopoly has this in their terms and conditions, amidst a bunch of other CYA [cover your ass]:“Telkom may provide […]

Software Updates

It’s perhaps appropriate that i should update my blog with a post on Software Updates. Been quite busy with some exciting delivery my side along with getting a new machine mid-iteration, which is a decent distraction: T60 2.4 Duo. VERY Nice machine and overall impressed with, well, just about everything- particularly ThinkVantage. But in getting […]