Setting Standards

Guy recently referred me to an article on how user’s read the web. It’s implications were poignant when mixed with the motive of acceptance and market share. We know the most efficient way to consume online information is through the technical process known as “scanning”. From emails to advertising, knowledge to news, online users inundated […]

Language Appeal

What makes one language more popular than another? Why would a language like ‘C’ be so visible and popular amidst today’s advancing 4th generation languages? Methinks the same reasons why English is such a popular communication language today… Tear and tear. Look the same but quite different. Tear has more in common, phonetically, with bare […]

Continuing Education Gaps

Reading through one of Karl Seguin’s blogs on ASP.NET isn’t always the right tool it convinced me more that there is a gap in software education. Not in formal education, but in continuing education. Computer-science and programming curriculums at tertiary institutions have remained fairly static over the years inline with accommodating their primary objective: concepts. […]


Rules are meant to be broken, or so the popular expression goes. There’s something about that phrase which strikes a chord of assent within ourselves. There’s also another chord which repels strongly and begs for rules to be followed. As a result, we swing between judgements as to wether or not a rule should be […]

Dynamically Nested Controls ASP.Net

The solution seemed simple enough and what’s more, it should have been a straightforward implementation. Should have been. After one or two false starts, we settled into an approach until we hit the ubiquitous viewstate issues. It’s a silly problem to be having really, given that every server control automatically manages its own state. […]

It Depends

Which language is better: Java, C++, C# or VB.Net? Well, it depends.Which is better: MS-SQL or Oracle? Again, it depends.Which is the best implementation for a singleton? Mmm… let me think. Well… it depends. This ever popular and increasingly quoted phrase, “it depends” has nestled itself into our reactive vocabularly because well, “it depends” on […]

Communication Instinct

Many of the challenges facing software processes today are not new. From the social to the technical, these challenges are also not unique to the software world. Dissension amongst the ranks and disillusionment with management are common social problems within any company; and more, within any group of people who co-habit for a length of […]